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Achieve your strategic goals with project management.

KBC provides a variety of project and program management services, including managing, planning, implementing, tracking or supporting projects within the IT (Information Technologies), Agriculture, construction & Infrastructure and also training, methodology development, and tools implementation.

Our Approach




Build your Project Together

Your projects do not yield the desired returns? You do not meet the deadlines or quality targets as planned? You do not meet the budget as planned? You are a Diaspora and you have problem managing your project in your home country? Let us look in detail at the challenges of your project management together with you, we will create the most suitable solution from the range of potential approaches – and maximise the benefit for your organization.

KBC supports individuals and companies in all facets and levels of project, programme and project portfolio management in Germany and some African countries.

About your projects

Resource availability and project control are the main challenges for most companies. Transparency and clearly defined targets can help. KBC will support you in speeding up projects without loss of quality through appropriate Project Management procedures.

Inadequate Communication

You are currently facing difficulty with miscommunication or lack of communication on your project and you would like have timely and transparent methods of communication to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in the process.


Your project’s development lifecycle is staggering because of the misestimated expenses and you would like to adopt a proper planning procedure and make realistic assumptions to avoid any cost overruns.

Risk Management

You finding it difficult to measure and identify the risk of your project and you are looking for expertise and tools that you may use to identify the types of risks and mitigate them.

Unrealistic Deadlines

Meeting a deadline is your current challenges because it cost you time and extra money and you would like to get out of it by monitoring the project from the very beginning.


You are a Diaspora person and you have a bad experience with the management of your project in your home country from your friends, relatives, and family members and you are looking for a trustable and transparent company that can manage and provide you daily feedbacks on your project so that you can have peace of mind.


You would like to improve your project work but there is a lack of resources and internal support.

Our experts’ team will help you define your project goal, your project objectives, and lastly your project deliverables by setting up a SMART objective in your project management.

Honestly speaking, KBC is not the cheapest financial planners by any means, but I was happy to pay a fee that is fair and transparent.

Maxime Njoya

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