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We are here to help you with questions and planning on all aspects of the following topics:

  • Your real estate as a capital investment
  • Optimal financing of investments
  • Development of individual financing concepts
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Do you have any questions? We are there for you!

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Value preservation, old-age planning, returns and tax advantages – these are usually the main reasons for considering real estate as a form of investment. But before investing in “concrete gold”, fundamental questions must be clarified: What can I afford? What are the implications of this investment and what advantages does it offer me? Can I actually build up a larger fortune with it than with other financial investments?

We are at your side for all questions concerning capital investment and the success of your project. We have over 400 banks in our portfolio and will create the optimal financing concept for you!

Contact us via our enquiry form or give us a call!  


Real estate return calculator

Many people have somewhat of a misconception about what return a rented property actually generates on the bottom line. With the Excel-Toll from Stiftung Warentest/Finanztest, you can calculate the real yield of your dream property relatively easily yourself.

Stiftung Warentest (Finanztest) has published an Excel tool for calculating the yield of a rented condominium (or any other property). You can also download this Excel file here free of charge and save it on your computer. 

>>>Property return (Excel file)>>> 

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